September 12th-Prayer Groups Meet 7:00pm, don't miss out on this time of prayer and fellowship with other belivers in Christ. Prayer changed things! 

September 13th-Wednesday Fellowship Meal 5:45pm, Come and join us for a home made meal and good family fun in fellowship and worship service. $3 suggested donation for the meal, all funds go back into purchased food. 

September 17th-Star Sunday Service 10:45am, Praying for all staff, teachers, studens and SAISD admin. 

September 17th-Koberlin Ministry 6:00pm, 212 Koberlin Apartments. Looking for a local volunteer outreach call 325-655-7515 for more infomation. 

September 20th-Staff/ Calendering Meeting 5:45pm Primera Church Vigil Board Room. Ministry leaders make sure you have all events down on the calendar. 

September 23rd-Women's Ministry "Game Night" and Cover Dish at Primera Church at 6:00pm. Bring you daughters, nieces, sisters and friends, don't come alone. 

September 22-23rd-Men's Retreat at Camp Menard TX. 22-23

September 26th-Prayer Groups Meet 7:00pm, Stand in the gap for some else.


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